Power Solutions

Remapping offers a range of benefits and fixes on engines. Newer tier engines with electronic control units (ECU) can feel some what dull and underpowered.


Most tractor manufacturers create a model which ranges from lower to higher horse power. The tractor tends to be identical in terms of physical mechanics of the engine. The manufacture creates the horse power ranges from the ECU, meaning the software in the processor is only different between lowest and highest in the range. This means we can upgrade the software through mapping to increase the power of all engines safely within limits of the highest model of the range.

What we do

Step 1 – Test

Test the tractor on our Sigma Dyno & perform a health check on the tractor.

Step 2 – Download

Download the original software and begin to edit maps for power. This is where we can also remove faults codes and system cycles for SCR DPF & EGR

Step 3 – Upload & Re-test

Upload the software and retest the tractor on Dyno to make sure power is set to customers request.

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