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About title Agri-tune is the new development of agricultural custom remapping/chip tuning, being formed in early 2008 with the rise in tractors being released with ECU’s (engine control units) this seen a big down turn in manually adjusted fuel pumps.

This led from the growth and understanding of Car tuning at PureTorque (sister company) and history in agricultural work, to understand how the farmers and contractors require a high power and torque back when working with heavy haulage, tillage work etc.

Now with the constant testing on dyno and working with the customer the programmes are designed and tailored to suit the required job of the vehicles with power the customer wants without compromising the lifespan of the vehicle.

The gains are around extra 30-50hp along with 150-450 Ibf-ft of torque, gains depend on how you want the vehicle set up whilst improving fuel economy around 5-10%.

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